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Everything is freshly prepared and quality ingredients are used throughout. Please browse below.

Specialty Mezedes

Cold Starters

Hot Starters

Mosfilo Grills

All our meats are barbecued on real charcoal and served with rice or choice of potatoes

Main Dishes

Fish & Seafood

All fish and seafood are served with a choice of potatoes, rice or mixed vegetables

Vegetarian Dishes

Sides & Salad


Mini Meze

The food in Cyprus & Greece is served Mezedakia style, meaning ‘many small dishes’. The preferred way of eating 

Greek food is to order a variety of dishes to enjoy the varied flavours we have to offer

£9.95 per person (Min 2 people)

£12.95 per person (Min 2 people)

2 or 3 course special

2 course £9.95 per person

3 course £12.95 per person

Lunch - Mon - Fri 12pm - 3pm & Sat 12pm - 5pm

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